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    h3. Settlements [[Blackwall]] [[Haven | Freecity of Haven]] [[Portown]] h3. Establishments h4. Blackwall [[Pit and Spike Tavern]] [[Muddy Boot Inn]] [[Hunter's Horde Inn]] h4. Portown [[Green Dragon Inn | Green Dragon Inn, …

  • Portown

    A small, but busy coastal city that links the trade routes to the south and the merchant ships that brave the pirate-infested waters of the Northern Sea. Humans and non-humans alike are found here.

  • Zenopus' Tower

    One hundred years ago the sorcerer Zenopus built a tower on the low hills overlooking Portown. He constructed it close to the sea cliff and conveniently adjacent to the graveyard. None dared to question his wisdom or authority to do so. Zenopus made the …