Yurni Lungbellow

Dwarf adherent of Berronar Truesilver and failed silver miner


4th/4th Level Cleric/Fighter, dwarf NG

ST 17, IN 7, WI 13, CO 14, DX 10, CH 6

HP 22; AC 2, Chainmail & shield

Special equipment;
Warhammer +2
Battle Axe +1
Chain Mail +1, Shield +1
2 Staves of Healing (heals 2-7 HP once per day per person)
Scroll: Stone to Flesh
Scroll: Detect Evil
Scroll: Remove Fear, Silence 15’


NPC tuned PC – Personality: looks youthful, Imposing (big nose & long blond hair), scant possessions, altruistic.

Deity notes: Berronar Truesilver; The Revered Mother; Matron of Home and Hearth. Berronar’s priests wear silver chainmail and silvered helms. Her holy days are on New Year’s Day, upon which the annual sacrifice of silver is made to her.

Yurni Lungbellow

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