Kathay the Protector

Ex-nun turned to the blade to avenge the razing of her monastary


5th Level Human Paladin LG
XP 9,889

ST 18, IN 9, WI 15, CO 10, DX 11, CH 17

HP 5; AC 0, +1 plate & +1 shield

Special equipment;
2 vials of holy water
Plate armor +1, Shield +1
Longsword +1, +3 vs spell casters
Mace +2
Potion: (x4) Healing

Lay on Hands (heal 2 hp/level, 1/day), Cure Disease (1/day), Immune to Disease, Detect Evil 60-ft (at will; senses evil intent), Protection from Evil 10-ft (always on; -1 AC, +1 saving throws, prevents bodily contact from summoned or created creatures – ends if Paladin forces contact), +2 to All saving throws (already added in), Must tithe 10% of all wealth.


Ex-nun, watched monastery destroyed by evil creatures. Took up arms and the oath of a Paladin to fight evil. She is mature, a little neurotic about cleanliness and fanatical about thwarting the plans of evil.

Kathay the Protector

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