Alelyn of Northgate

Short-lived maiden from the borderlands


3rd/4th Level Illusionist/Thief, human NG
XP 5,233

ST 8, IN 16, WI 13, CO 14, DX 18, CH 15

HP 14; AC 10, robes

Special equipment;
Dagger +1
Boots of Levitation
6 floating candles – never burn down, float when lit
Scroll [mu]: Charm Person
1 Potion/1 Oil: Stone to Flesh
Gold/Silver scroll tube (500 gp)

1st – Auditory Illusion, Color Spray, Detect Illusion, Detect Invisibility, Light, Phantasmal Force; 2nd – Detect Magic, Mirror Image.


Hailed from Northgate

Personality: Helpful, cowardly, unselfish, fickle

Alelyn of Northgate

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