Have Sword, Will Adventure

Zenopus' Tower dungeon

Part 3

Party: Lunk, Thudknuckle, Ingsay, Mulgar and Harg

With the dreadful business of funerals behind them the company returns to the Green Dragon Inn to plot their next move. Scouring the typical adventurer haunts in the city yields no leads for hirelings or aspiring adventurers. Three days pass before a wide-eyed young cleric finds his way to the party. He introduces himself as Mulgar the Merciful. He attended the funeral for Aughest and was moved to take up the deceased cleric’s quest after a vivid dream; no-doubt a sign from his deity. He required an equal share of the treasure for his services and swore his loyalty to the fellowship until the task of Zenopus’ Tower was complete.

Wallowing in the back alley and down to his last few coins they find a stranger from a far away city that appears to possess the burgling skills they seek. The thief’s awful smell precedes his introduction. He calls himself Harg of the City Afar in a rough hard to understand accent. After some debate and a bath he is offered a half share provide burgling services for the party. It is apparent right away that he has distaste for brutes and creates a wide berth around Lunk and Thudknuckle.

Return to the Tower dungeon

With a good map in hand, the party makes haste through the still empty rooms until just beyond the spider’s lair. In the hallway two barbaric looking men stand guard. Mulgar immediately earns his keep by convincing the Berserkers that the party is in fact new recruits returning with vital intelligence for the “big boss.” The party is allowed to pass uneventfully. Further down the corridor turns, where oddly erect three skeletons block the way forward. Before the battle is locked Mulgar turns the creatures away by brandishing his holy relic. The party follows the fleeing bones.

Further down the finished stone corridors give way to rough natural passageways. A large cavern reveals two small rowboats on a stony beach. Saltwater ebbs out a concealed outlet to the sea. A small band of pirates intercept the party before they can destroy the skeletal watchmen. As is his signature move, Ingsay casts a spell of slumber over the pirates ending the engagement almost before it began. Quickly they are bound while the cleric forces the skeletons into the sucking undertow and they are swept away. Muffled screams come from one of the boats. There they find a beautiful maiden bound and gagged. Once her bonds are removed she introduces herself as Lemunda, the daughter of a wealthy Portown merchant. She claims her father will grant them a reward for her safe return. She is very spunky and swears she can fight as well as any man and stubbornly demands to carry a weapon and spits on the captive pirates. Lunk is willing to trust her with only a dagger and a shield for the moment. Hoping to avoid more pirates they investigate another side passage.

Inside another natural cavern they find a swift flowing river heading out to sea through low tunnels. Without warning the sand erupts as a giant crab bursts from its hiding place under the sand. Many hard blows are turned away by the crab’s sturdy shell. Lunk is the first to find a tender spot after much prodding. Thudknuckle stands in front of the beast hurling insults and ill-placed axe blows. In one fell move the crab catches the dwarf in its claws crushing him in a sickening crunch. As if inspired by the loss of yet another companion, the party makes short work of the giant menace. Eager to be done with this place the party retreats with the body of their courageous dwarf. With the passing of Thudknuckle the line of the Silvervein clan is ended.

Hastening through the corridors back to the entrance they finish their map of the place without incident for a good long while. As they neared the last few rooms they catch a party of kobolds puzzling at the door to the statue room. Lunk and Mulgar hack through the small vermin without as much as a scratch. The small kobold weapons are unable to pierce the strong steel plates. One last encounter with skeletal denizens ends in typical fashion with Mulgar’s holy symbol aloft and bony legs making haste in the opposite direction.

Armed with a thorough map of the tower dungeon and a lead on the pirate hideout they return to Portown.

Treasure is divided and a well deserved rest is in order. The party honors their fallen companion, giving Thudknuckle’s body and his full share of the treasure to passing dwarf merchants so he will be buried with dignity in his family tomb surrounded by his treasure.



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