Have Sword, Will Adventure

Zenopus' Tower dungeon

Part 2

Party: Lunk, Thudknuckle, Ingsay, Aughest

Refreshed from their rest the party gathers up and descends into the dungeon again. This time they are without their good burglar Cornankle.

They wind their way north to the site of the orc battle; the bodies are gone – something else is still within the dungeon. The door opens into a large crypt dominated by six sarcophagi. A crumpling wall is marked with many small tunnels and it is surmised they are more giant rat tunnels. It takes all four heroes to open the first sarcophagus. The mood brightens as they find a skeleton clutching a fine magic sword. As the lid is removed from the second sarcophagus a skeleton rises, slashing with its scimitar. Aughest quickly turns the creature away. It runs cowering in a corner where the party pelts it with stones until its skull is crushed by a well place shot. The third yields more treasure. The fourth brings ill fate; upon hefting the lid a noxious gas cloud is released. Everyone succumbs to the slumber it causes.

The dwarf is the first to awaken. He is greeted with the sight of poor Aughest being gnawed on by a bloated giant rat. With a deft axe blow the rat is dead and the cleric is confirmed to have met his end. So ends the adventures of Aughest the servant of St. Carmichael.

Return to Portown

Having suffered their second loss the party agrees to search the room before returning to Portown where they can perform the last rites for their dead companions.

The fifth sarcophagus appears to yield treasure, but as soon as Lunk reaches for the jeweled dagger it flies from its scabbard and attacks. It swoops menacingly. After some sparing, Lunk manages a careful blow that stuns the animated weapon. He quickly claims it as his prize. As he examines the blade it suddenly wiggles from his grip for another sortie. This time a quick retaliatory strike disables the blade. Without hesitation the party puts the dagger back in its scabbard and hastily replaces the sarcophagus’ lid. The final sarcophagus offers more treasure and the party is off to a safe haven.

Back in the relative safety of Portown the party makes arrangements for the burial of their former companions. The chapel accepts Aughest’s body for a burial that is commensurate with his chosen dogma. In exchange for the thief’s share of the treasure a small childless couple of local halflings offer a place in their family crypt to inter Cornankle.



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